Heat Transfer Laboratory

Faculty: Dr. Richard J. Goldstein

Research Interests 

Current research at the Heat Transfer Laboratory covers a wide range of topics related to fundamental and applied research in fluid mechanics and heat transfer and applied thermodynamics.

Current Projects 

  • Study of Spatial Variation in Heat Transfer in Flow over Cavities
    Manish Sachdeva, B.Tech., 2015 (Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur)
  • Natural Convection in Porous Media at High Fluid Rayleigh Numbers
    Krishna Chandra Bavandla, B.Tech., 2018 (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad)


Some Recent PhD

2019 Umesh Madanan - High-Rayleigh-Number Thermal Convection of Compressed Gases in Inclined Rectangular Enclosures of Varied Aspect Ratios (link), currently at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur as an assistant professor (link)

2019 Matthew Stinson - Effects of Weelspace Coolant Injection and Discrete Hole Injection on Endwall Film-Cooling

2017 Matthew Taliaferro - Local Variation of Heat and Mass Transfer for Flow Over a Cavity and on a Flat Plate

2009 Kalyanjit Ghosh - Effect of Wall Shear on a Two-dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layer

2008 Kaustubh Kulkarni - Experimental Verification of Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy for Boundary Layer Flows (details), currently at Exxon Mobil Corp, Houston, TX

2007 Vinod Srinivasan - Turbulent Natural Convection in a Horizontal Fluid Layer Heated From Below (details), currently at University of Minnesota as an assistant professor (link)

2006 Marco Papa - Influence of Blade Leading Edge Geometry and Upstream Blowing of the Heat/Mass Transfer in a Turbine Cascade

2004 Sangjo Han - The Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy Factor, Nu/Sh For 2-D and 3-D Boundary Layers, currently at Korean Institute of Metals and Materials

2002 Surachai Sanitjai - Effects of the Prandtl Number on Local Heat Transfer from a Circlar Cylinder in Crossflow, currently at King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

2001 Bumsoo Han - Instantaneous Energy Separation in a Jet Flow, Associate Professor, Purdue University (link)

2000 Peitong Jin - Local Measurement and Numerical Modeling of Mass/Heat Transfer from a Turbine Blade in a Linear Cascade with Tip Clearance

2000 Amy Fleischer - Investigation of Rayleigh-Benard Natural Convection at High Rayleigh Numbers in Gases Under Pressure, Professor, Villanova University (link)

Some Recent Masters

2010 Rajat Mittal - Experimental Verification of Heat and Mass Transfer Analogy in Turbulent Separated Flows over a Backward Facing Step

2009 Daniel Keene - Natural convection in a porous medium

2005 Willard Hanson - The Effect of Blockage on the Local Mass Transfer Near the Endwall of a Right Circular Cylinder in Cross Flow

2003 Kaustubh Kulkarni - Study of Energy Separation in the Wake of a Cylinder

2002 Min-Ho Lee - The Analogy between Heat and mass Transfer on Flat Surfaces

2000 Sangjo Han - Film Cooling Effectiveness and Heat (Mass) Transfer Coefficient For a Single Row of Discrete Holes

2000 Vinod Srinivasan - Effect of Simulated Rotation on the Mass/Heat Transfer From the Tip of a Turbine Blade

2000 Arvind Pachhapur - Heat Transfer Characteristics of Near-Tip Region of TurbineBlade with Uniform Surface Temperature: Verification of Mass Transfer Analogy

2000 Prasad Terala - Study of Energy Separation in the Wake of a Cylinder for High Speed Flow